Assets in Project does not return assets of type "image"

Posted in General by Alec Hendry Fri Oct 09 2015 17:57:29 GMT+0000 (UTC)·2·Viewed 927 times

When using the Assets in Project method, image items that have been uploaded do not show in the returned list. Just videos show up. However, if I use a search request, with a known title, or tag value, then it does return the image, which also tells me it is in the same project. Would it be possible to update the "assets in project method" to correctly return all assets in the project? It may also be useful to have a filter parameter - to specify which types to return. Thanks, Alec.
Alex Nauda
Oct 15, 2015

Hi Alec,
The /projects/{projectId}/assets endpoint does return file (non-video) assets. I wonder if you might be experiencing some other issue, such as our default page size. Try hitting /projects/{projectId}/assets?_page=2 and check out our other documentation on pagination at

If you're still having trouble, please open a support request so we can communicate directly and research your specific issue.

Alex Nauda
Oct 15, 2015

In reply to your second question about querying for non-video assets, we do support this as well using query parameters. For example:
Or more precisely, depending on your http client you may need to URLEncode the type parameter, so the actual URL looks like this:

You can also query for specific asset types, such as:

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