Public with Password Quicklink API call NOT working!

Posted in General by David J Merritt Tue May 17 2016 01:04:04 GMT+0000 (UTC)·2·Viewed 541 times

Hello, I am unable to create a "pubic with a password" quicklink using the configuration below. I am able to generate the QL with no problem. The issue is that if I set "audience" to "public" the password seems to get ignored in the API call. When I go to the ql URL I get an error message "QL cannot be found". If I am logged in to MediaSilo account I get prompted to enter the QL password. --- Here is my configuration JSON: { "configuration": { "settings": [ { "value": "public", "key": "audience" }, { "value": "111", "key": "password" }, { "value": null, "key": "expiration_value" }, { "value": "true", "key": "allow_download" } ] }, "assetIds": [ "e47ddaf6-1ae1-4b0b-bc29-64f8455c6cfa" ], "title": "422HQ_1080i_2997_1m_ns_act_mpeg1_320x240_700_1.mpg" }
Alex Nauda
May 17, 2016

Please try setting the audience to "password", e.g.
"value": "password",
"key": "audience"

David J Merritt
May 17, 2016

Great! That worked!

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